Steam’s New Search System is Available to Users

Steam's New Search System is Available to Users

Steam’s New Search System is Available to Users

Steam launched its new search system, which it started testing in September, to users. Gamers can apply more detailed filters and disable the criteria they do not want under the new system.

Steam, the world’s most popular online gaming platform, is now a popular stop for millions of gamers. Gamers can play thousands of games on the platform as they wish, open topics related to the games, ask what’s on their minds or create guides for amateur players. Valve, the owner of Steam, is also very pleased with the interest of gamers.

Steam, as we have just mentioned, is a platform that contains thousands of games. The platform includes popular games as well as games that many gamers don’t know. Gamers who do not know much but want to discover quality games had to search randomly between these thousands of games and it was very difficult to find such games in previous versions of Steam. However, Steam’s new search system seems to make the gamers’ job a lot easier.

Valve is testing its new features on Steam under the name of “Steam Labs Experiment”. Valve, which offers some features to users through Steam’s beta channel, updates the full version of Steam after the necessary works and introduces new features.

Steam's New Search System is Available to Users

Steam’s New Search System is Available to Users

Thanks to Steam’s new search system, gamers can apply more detailed filters while searching for a game. For example, gamers can now add details such as price, special offers, tags and game language to their search filters. Thus, searches give more reasonable results than before. Moreover, gamers can determine the features they want to remove in their searches.

Steam’s new search system looks like this

The highlight of Steam’s new search system is its infinite scroll system. So the games you filter continue until they show the last game on Steam. Thus, gamers do not have to change pages as before and can reach the results they are looking for much more easily.

Steam’s new search system, which is available as of today, can be actively used by all Steam users. So, as of today, you will be able to encounter games that appeal to you more by using Steam’s new search filters.

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