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Student gets Windows 11 running on a Windows Phone

64 Read — 01 July 2021 15:07
Student gets Windows 11 running on a Windows Phone

Student gets Windows 11 running on a Windows Phone

Microsoft’s new OS on Microsoft’s old phones 

The Windows 11 preview only got released earlier this week, but a student has already managed to get Microsoft’s latest operating system running on a Windows Phone. Engineering student Gustave Monce has created a brief video demonstrating Windows 11 running on a Lumia 950 XL, one of the first devices to ship with Windows 10 Mobile. It was also one of Microsoft’s last Windows-powered phones before the company ended support for its mobile OS.

Windows 11 adapts surprisingly well for the 5.7-inch display, but the same can’t be said for the speed of animations. While Windows 11 is usable on the Lumia 950 XL, it doesn’t look like something you’d want to pull out of your pocket every day. But that’s not really the point. This is the latest achievement in a five-year hobby of tinkering with getting full versions of Windows running on Windows Phone devices.

“It all started really 5 years ago, when Windows 10 Mobile was near obsolescence,” says Monce, speaking to The Verge. Monce teamed up with Bingxing Wang, a fellow engineer, to bring the idea of running full Windows on these phones to life.


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