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  • Last updated on 09/22/20
  • There have been 6 updates within the past 6 months
  • The current version has 0 flags on VirusTotal
  • Also available on Android, iOS, and Mac


Mozilla Firefox is a popular Web browser available on a variety of platforms. Its code DNA reaches back to the dawn of the World Wide Web and has shaped other software and software companies, including The Tor Project (Windows, Android, Mac), the Opera browser (Windows, Android Mac) Adobe Acrobat (Windows, Android, Mac, iOS) Oracle, and Logitech.


Battery-accommodating video real time: We tried video real time on both Firefox and Chrome. While Chrome typically gives smoother page looking over, Firefox shockingly pulled ahead when it came to computer processor power utilization with HD recordings on YouTube, one of the most famous perusing exercises. This force utilization directly affects how long your battery endures, and on the probability of a PC fan loudly kicking in to keep your PC cool.

Simple perusing because of smooth content looking: On a book substantial Site page, Firefox makes a superior showing than Google Chrome (Windows, Macintosh, Android, iOS) at making vertical looking over scale to your Windows mouse settings. While the default scroll speed is moderately moderate, Firefox has significantly more strides between “insufficient” and “an excessive lot.” Text-hefty site pages additionally will in general float all over more easily in light of your mouse wheel developments, which makes it simpler for your eye to follow where you are on a page. In any case, Chrome actually scrolls all the more easily on media-hefty pages.

Profoundly adjustable interface route: Mozilla presented a UI upgrade in November 2013 that didn’t go over well overall. In addition to other things, the standard menu configuration was supplanted with a “burger” button that opened to uncover various symbols. On the splendid side, Mozilla gives engineers profound access into changing Firefox’s conduct, and one of them immediately presented Exemplary Subject Restorer, which wound up giving Firefox the most client adjustable interface of any program available, even after three years. With Exemplary Topic Restorer, the bookmarks button doesn’t need to look (confusingly) like a clipboard; you can tell initially which custom internet searcher you have stacked; and you can openly blend plan components from both the “exemplary” UI and the update.


Disappointing execution on media-weighty Website pages: Installed recordings, vivified pictures, and huge static pictures have become a well known path for the two promoters and substance designers to contact their crowds. However, this rich-media condition negatively affects an Internet browser that can’t stack all that information easily. Chrome feels arranged for this development, while Firefox seemingly requires a promotion blocker to forestall thick looking over and deferred stacking of various segments on the page. (Firefox on Android tolls much better in this division.) Essentially, Chrome feels advanced for visual components, while Firefox feels enhanced for perusing.

Mozilla has focused on at long last supplanting the Gecko page delivering motor with another one called Quantum, yet the organization doesn’t hope to make it accessible until the finish of 2017.

Sync requires dealing with another record: With Google Chrome, you can sign in to your Google account (which you as of now have in the event that you use Gmail or buy in to YouTube channels), and it will pull in your bookmarks, additional items, and subjects from whatever other gadget where you’ve utilized the Chrome program with that Google account. With Firefox, you have to make a different Firefox account, which you won’t use anyplace else. Fortunately, however, the login screen works fine and dandy with secret word administrators like LastPass (Chrome work area, Firefox work area, iOS, Android).

Primary concern

Despite the fact that it needs some underlying arrangement to perform easily, Firefox is a vigorous and reliable program.


From Mozilla:

Mozilla Firefox is a quick, full-included Internet browser. Firefox incorporates spring up impeding, tab-perusing, coordinated Google search, improved protection controls, a smoothed out program window that gives you a greater amount of the page than some other program and some of extra highlights that work with you to assist you with benefiting from your time on the web.

Mozilla Firefox is in the Internet Browsers class of the Programs segment.

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