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Telegram 8.3 increases control over messages!

96 read — 08 December 2021 14:15
Telegram 8.3 increases control over messages!

Telegram 8.3 increases control over messages!

Telegram brought innovations in many areas with its 8.3 version. This interim update, released at weekly intervals, adds useful features to the platform.

Telegram sometimes adds powerful features in its updates that come out every few weeks. Telegram continued this continuity and came with nice options in the 8.3 version. At this point, it brought various innovations such as a smart new authentication, chats and privacy management between devices.

The control offered to the user in the disappearing message settings has increased. We can now tap any date bar that appears in the conversation to open the calendar and select the days they want to delete. Due to the feature, all messages of a user are deleted during the days we choose.

Telegram 8.3 brings feature to restrict content saving

You cannot delete something you share in Telegram from other people’s devices. So if it’s downloaded you don’t have access. If you are sharing private messages and content in a group or channel, you can now go to the group settings and select the ‘Restrict content saving’ option. Thus, the other people cannot download the messages and content you send to their own devices.

A new feature comes up when trying to join a group or channel. Group admins contact you in response to your request. Still, nothing like this has been officially defined so far. Soon we will have the right to see which group we have been contacted about.

Telegram 8.3 increases control over messages!

The platform is working on anonymity

Telegram allows users to comment as a channel. At this point, it promises an easier way to transfer posts to groups anonymously. While users can tap on their avatar before commenting, you can also choose a channel name instead. Doing so anonymizes your post unless you associate yourself with the channel.

What’s new in the two-factor authentication system

Telegram is also innovating in the two-factor authentication system. It now gives users a new way. First of all, it asks you to make a call and then enter the caller’s number in the relevant boxes. When the number is entered, you log in to the platform.

Finally, Telegram also offers innovations in the management of devices. The platform introduced a new desktop login method using a phone to scan the QR code.

What do you think about the features that come with Telegram 8.3 version? Don’t forget to mention your ideas in the comments section!

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