Telegram: WhatsApp Will Never Be Safe!

Telegram: WhatsApp Will Never Be Safe!

Telegram: WhatsApp Will Never Be Safe!


Text WhatsApp will never be safe,. Said Tetegram’s founder, Pavel Durov, holding the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp.


Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, an instant messaging application with Russia’s most popular social networking site Vkontakte, said the new security gap in WhatsApp was not surprising, saying “WhatsApp will never be safe”.


Telegram: WhatsApp Will Never Be Safe

Telegram: WhatsApp Will Never Be Safe


Telegram: WhatsApp will never be safe!


WhatsApp has to be able to lose some markets and risk facing the US administration in order to be a service for privacy, but it is not ready for it,” Durov said.

“It is not surprising to me that this news has been accepted by WhatsApp last year that hackers could have access to all the data on your phone with a single video call,” Durov said.

Lar All security-related issues are very suitable for surveillance and are very similar to the ‘back doors’ after each critical vulnerability that is corrected in the application. Z WhatsApp is not an open-source application, and therefore security experts have back door in codes can not check whether.

They do not share their code as they deliberately complicate WhatsApp files that do the opposite, but do not allow them to examine these files in depth, “he said.

The software developed by the Israeli software company NSO Group, the mobile phones and other devices using WhatsApp can be placed remotely by hackers.

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