The Aliens Made The Building On Mars?

The Aliens Made The Building On Mars?

The Aliens Made The Building On Mars?


The photograph taken by NASA on Mars shows a structure and tunnel, similar to the Pyramids of Egypt, and a square-shaped building connected to this pyramid.


A photo published by the United States National Aviation and Space Agency (NASA) on the official website fell on the agenda in the last minute. The successive statements by the UFO experts drew public attention to this event.


The footage of the alleged space base captured by the ‘2001 Mars Odyssey Mission’ near NASA‘s largest volcanic mountain in the solar system, Olympus Mons. According to the news in the UK based Express news site, the incredible photo from NASA‘s archives is visible at the bottom of a rock structure, and UFO expert Scott C Waring claims that this building was built by aliens.


UFO Sightings Daily’s conspiracy block, Waring said,


“The photo clearly shows an alien pyramid attached to a square-shaped building.” said. UFO expert Scott C Waring “What was an ancient space base on Mars?” after asking the question, “NASA’s archive, this photo, explains this question.

There is an alien structure under the photo. The building is really a pyramid and a square-shaped building connected by a tunnel.

The Aliens Made The Building On Mars?

The Aliens Made The Building On Mars?

According to the UFO hunter, the alien base in NASA’s photograph is just one of hundreds of alien structures spreading around the Red Planet. Waring, in the UFO enthusiast community, is known as one of the thousands of photographs of Mars and the Moon that have been drawn to prove alien activity. According to some, Waring’s extraterrestrial discoveries usually consist of odd-shaped rocks and a vaguely alien-like shadow. Waring continued his remarkable statements:
Uz Can you imagine how aliens are influencing the history of humanity in the world and how it intervenes in the development of this history? If we can learn the necessary information, our entire history can change forever.

On the other hand, according to NASA, photographs taken on Mars are only natural structures.

NASA’s Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS), which was photographed on 2 June 2002, conducted volcanic research at Olympus Mons.

The US Space Agency said: “Some images help answer questions about the history of Mars, many of which are still being investigated, as many of them continue to collect data from the Odyssey’s orbit around Mars.

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The Aliens Made The Building On Mars?
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