The Camouflage Feature Of Octopuses Is Copied!

Science works nonstop to simplify the natural to mimic human production …
When it comes to imitating the environment, the octopus comes first. Octopus, the most advanced spy on imitation, is hard to find better. They can imitate not only colors but also shapes. It is not possible to say that octopuses have a very cute appearance, but they manage to surprise scientists every day. There is such a kind between them, regardless of the materials in the environment may disappear. Together with Octopus expert Roger Hanlon from the Massachusetts Marine Biology Laboratory, a team of scientists and engineers at Cornell University have developed technology that mimics the shocking nature of animals. This membrane can imitate potted plants and stony grounds in just seconds. From military camouflage clothing to smart devices, it is said to have many uses. These technologies are the most widely used area screens. Because the material can imitate the environment in seconds. It is said that the monlonology was first tried for military applications.
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