The nudity epidemic on Instagram! News scared, authorized statement.

Instagram CEO Reveals A Surprising Secret About The Platform

The nudity epidemic on Instagram! News scared, authorized statement.


Spam comments on fake accounts on Instagram and links to these comments often come across many people.

Because these accounts are not afraid of being closed or blocked in any way, they can penetrate the ban on nudity until a transaction is made and win tens of thousands of likes and followers. The accounts that penetrate the ban on nudity and share the specific information of users with the links they share are spreading …

The nudity epidemic on Instagram! News scared, authorized statement

It aims to make information theft by sharing naked photos on Instagram, which calculates fake boots in recent days. In order to attract the attention of people, half-naked women photographs and account owners who fill their profiles and stories are trying to gain followers and acclaim by attracting tens or hundreds of comments to large pages with millions of followers. This kind of interpretation is often seen under the photographs and videos of famous people such as LeBron James, Travis Scott, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. This furya, which is very popular in our country, is a danger to people.

These accounts, which are redirected to a link in their profile, generally refer people to suspicious addresses that request personal information using a shortened URL. Profiles usually refer to these links as gerçek Click to see my naked photos or videos! Söz. he stated that they are working hard to prevent spam. It is also written in Instagram that a blog post nstagram has developed machine learning tools to remove non-real accounts and events.



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