Tuberculosis Vaccine Lowers Coronavirus Death Rate

Tuberculosis Vaccine Lowers Coronary Death Rate

Tuberculosis Vaccine Lowers Coronavirus Death Rate

A recent study by researchers from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health shows that coronavirus mortality rates are about 6 times lower in countries where tuberculosis vaccine is still being administered.

While studies for the treatment and vaccination of the coronavirus are continuing, scientists, on the other hand, are trying to find out the conditions where the disease is weak by comparing the coronavirus data. A recent study shows that countries with tuberculosis vaccine continue to have lower mortality rates than other countries.

Tuberculosis vaccine was found 100 years ago. It is already known that the tuberculosis vaccine, which is immune to tuberculosis, a bacterial infectious disease, has other benefits. It has been determined by previous studies that the effect of tuberculosis vaccine, which also provides immunity against respiratory diseases, continues for 60 years.

Could the tuberculosis vaccine really reduce coronavirus deaths?

Tuberculosis Vaccine Lowers Coronary Death Rate

Researchers from the Bloomberg School of Public Health at John Hopkins University tried to find changes in coronavirus mortality rates using data on countries’ income levels and aging rates in their population. The researchers, who added the variables that would change these two factors to the data group, examined the coronavirus mortality rates for each million people.

The researchers realized that after bringing together the economic status of countries, the proportion of the elderly population, and the places where the epidemic was most common, there was a significant relationship between tuberculosis use and low coronavirus mortality rates.

The study done by scientists determined that the number of coronavirus deaths in countries that are still regularly receiving tuberculosis vaccine is much lower than in countries that do not regularly apply tuberculosis vaccine. It has been observed that the number of dead cases from coronavirus per 1 million people in countries applying tuberculosis vaccine is five times less than the countries that do not receive tuberculosis vaccine.

Coronavirus mortality rates vary depending on the income status of countries

Tuberculosis Vaccine Lowers Coronary Death Rate

The researchers compared the mortality rates according to the richness of the countries in the study where they examined the effect of tuberculosis vaccine against the coronavirus. In the study, it was determined that the mortality rates of high-income countries are much higher than other countries. In the study comparing the death rates per million people, it was determined that the mortality rate in low-middle income countries was 0.4, 0.65 in upper middle income countries and 5.5 in high income countries.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University cannot explain the reason for this outcome of the study. Researchers point to other studies linking respiratory diseases deaths and countries with low socio-demographic and economic income to understand the results.

As the main result of his studies, the researchers say that the income levels of countries and their coronavirus mortality rates are inversely correlated, and the ecological relationship between tuberculosis vaccine and coronavirus deaths is interesting.

The work of researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has not yet gone through a referee process. For this reason, the study was presented in the medrxiv.Org article archive instead of a refereed journal.

Studies by other scientists are continuing to understand the effect of tuberculosis vaccine against the coronavirus. A tuberculosis vaccine started in Australia, covering 4,000 healthcare professionals. Researchers think that with the vaccination of tuberculosis, the innate immunity of healthcare workers will increase and time will be saved for treatment and development of the vaccine.

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