Twitter Apologized To Users!

Twitter Apologized To Users!

Twitter Apologized To Users!


Twitter apologized for the mistakenly edi that some users share location information with an advertising company.


Twitter accidentally announced that some users gather and share location information data with an advertising partner they trust. Fault location permissions are turned on and users who use more than one account in the Twitter application were affected.


Twitter apologized to users!


Social networking site, said in a statement from his site, location data is not held and the error has been deleted since the announcement announced. The Company stated that this was caused by a virus but was resolved in a short time; the accounts affected by this situation, he said.

Twitter, users can keep the location open with confidence by specifying the effort will not be repeated again, he added.

Twitter Apologized To Users!

In addition, Twitter announced the last time the number of active monthly users. The figures are fine, but the distribution of the year seems to have entered a pause period. It is also to be noted that Twitter has announced that it will not share the number of monthly active users on the platform with the public.

Social network Twitter announced the number of monthly active users on Tuesday for the last time. According to the figures of the company, in the first quarter of 2019, 330 million people used Twitter monthly. Although this number has increased slightly compared to the previous two quarters of the company, it is still less than 6 million users in the same quarter of last year.

In the past 3 years, the number of Twitter users has increased by only 20 million. During this period, the number of users was around 330 million. This was interpreted as the platform reached its growth limit.

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