US and Chinese Scientists Collaborate to Defeat Coronavirus

US and Chinese Scientists Collaborate to Defeat Coronavirus

US and Chinese Scientists Collaborate to Defeat Coronavirus

With the coronavirus spread all over the world after China, scientists of the countries started to work together. According to a new statement, scientists from Harvard University and scientists from China’s Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Collaboration for their work.

The coronavirus spread to the world some time after it appeared in Wuhan, China in the last month of 2019. Scientists from different countries began to come together for coronavirus research, which has become the common problem of most countries in the world.

With a new statement from Harvard University’s School of Medicine, it was announced that scientists from the university and scientists from China’s Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases have come together to form a research group.

Harvard Medical School Dean George Q. Daley made the announcement of the research group formed by scientists from two countries. Daley said that the research group was financed with a $ 115 million donation from many companies, including the China Evergrande Group first.

Stating that they also received approval from the White House, Daley stated that it is beneficial for the two countries to work together due to the increase in coronavirus cases in the USA in recent weeks. “At first, the Chinese asked for help,” Daley said. About two months later, we are asking for help now. ”

US and Chinese Scientists Collaborate to Defeat Coronavirus

In the study group, scientists from the two institutions meet weekly with video conferencing to share information about coronavirus cases. In the video seminar, clinical hypotheses and research projects are compared.

The Chinese shared the information they gained about the early stage of the epidemic in China,” said Daley, Dean of Harvard Medical School. They gave us very strong information about the clinical management of the most severe patients, as well as information about the diagnosis. In this way, our clinicians can be ready to provide the best care to patients. ”

Scientists from Harvard University soon established the Massachusetts Pathogen Preparation Consortium (MassCPR) to include scientists across the state in the research group. The consortium aims to support research processes for the current global COVID-19 pandemic. The consortium will also provide better preparation for future outbreaks.

US and Chinese Scientists Collaborate to Defeat Coronavirus

The Evergrande COVID-19 Response Fund was created as the first study in the established consortium to provide funding to facilitate the research of scientists in Massachusetts regarding coronavirus. They will be selected among the researchers applying to the Fund, they will be funded by the fund of the research group.
Professor, one of the pioneers of MassCPR. Arlene H. Sharpe stated that there are 6 working groups in the consortium that will work in different fields. The study groups, which focus on clinical management, diagnosis, epidemiology, pathogenesis, therapeutics and vaccines, will carry out the studies done by coronavirus.

George Q. Daley said the established working group extends beyond China and the USA. Daley; He added that scientists from countries such as Italy, Germany and Switzerland were also consulted for the methods they used to combat the epidemic.

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