US Huawei Postpones Decision

US Huawei Postpones Decision

US Huawei Postpones Decision


The US Department of Commerce has announced that it has suspended some of the trade restrictions imposed on Huawei on the blacklist for 90 days.


In this process, Huawei will be able to continue to purchase some of the products produced in the United States in order not to affect its worldwide operations. Thus, the US aims to prevent the disruption of certain products and services based on Huawei technology. But Huawei will not be able to buy US parts and components to produce new products


US Huawei postpones decision


However, Huawei will not receive US-made products without license approval to produce new products. US Trade Minister Wilbur Ross told Reuters that the 90-day telecommunications companies that are based on Huawei technology will be given the opportunity to make other agreements.

US Huawei Postpones Decision

US Huawei Postpones Decision

Experts in the 90-day decision to prevent a possible collapse of the Internet, computer and mobile phone systems are intended to prevent the collapse.

Last week, US President Donald Trump announced that 70 companies, including Huawei, were blacklisted and announced that it would stop co-operation with Huawei, the country’s leading technology companies such as Google, Intel, Broadcom, and Qualcomm.

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