When Does PlayStation 5 Come Out?

When Does PlayStation 5 Come Out?


It was clear when the PlayStation 5 would be released. Here are the details!


PlayStation 5 removed in early 2020, the possibility of being removed from the table.


When Does PlayStation 5 Come Out?
When Does PlayStation 5 Come Out?

When does PlayStation 5 come out?

During the meeting today, Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed that the next-generation PlayStation console will not be available in the company’s current financial year ended March 31, 2020.

Sony Interactive Entertainment also announced that it plans to invest 31.1 billion yen (approximately US $ 278 million) to develop the next-generation PlayStation, and has grown to an average of 40 percent annually since the release of PlayStation Now, and currently has 700,000 subscribers.

Mark Cerny, the chief architect of the console, shared the first official details of the next generation PlayStation in a written interview with American magazine Wired last week. Key topics such as CPU, GPU, 8K graphics, new 3D audio technology, solid state disk and backward compatibility were discussed.

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