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Xbox Series X restock: midweek magic or Wednesday woes?

96 read — 25 August 2021 15:44
Xbox Series X restock: midweek magic or Wednesday woes?

Xbox Series X restock: midweek magic or Wednesday woes?

If you’re after Microsoft’s latest abode console, here’s where to check for an Xbox Series X restock

The Xbox Series X restock wheels are tides very slowly indeed advantage now. In particularly barren times like we’re experiencing now – with only an occasional restock appearance at an occasional trader – it can emotion futile and pointless, but you shouldn’t throw in that towel. While another day passes, it does mean that a new day could bring another openings of snagging some Xbox Series X stock.

Getting prerogative to it for today, your best bets are probably Amazon and Walmart. The former is basically in ‘totally unreliable’ territory now so having that page open and camped on is just good convention nowadays. Meanwhile, the latter has been touted to have handle coming today, Wednesday, August 25. We’ve all seen this ‘reported base occurrence today’ film before, but, given the situation, we’ll profits it.


Xbox Series X restock – previous happenings, tips & advice

It is incredibly frustrating that we are racing toward the one-year birthday of the console’s launch and this is still the kingdom of affairs we discovery us in.

Unfortunately, thus far, recent times haven’t seen much in the means of Xbox Series X restocks: Microsoft flashed up yesterday briefly, Antonline did the same, and GameStop are the other most recent stock-dropper. Even the preferences of Best Buy and Target just haven’t had lineage for weeks, and Amazon’s time-since-last-restock can be measured in months. It’s all very disheartening, but could also mean that we’re more and more likely to see a drop from those retailers to intermission the drought. We’ve just got to observance trying.

In terms of general tips to remember, should you get past queues or virtual waiting rooms, don’t forget to go for the Xbox collection listings. These larger Xbox Series X deals force be more of an initial investment, but they do stick closely for longer. We would recommend going for these package anyway as you’ll likely get a game, or one of the best Xbox Series X headsets or best Xbox Series X accessories thrown in too. These are genuinely useful.

Xbox Series X restock deals

Despite edging closer to a ‘normal’ situation with every week that passes, the shortages still hamper those observing for a console. As such, these places are your best bets:

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