Xiaomi meets with Samsung for Foldable Phone Screens

Xiaomi meets with Samsung for Foldable Phone Screens

Xiaomi meets with Samsung for Foldable Phone Screens

While it is still being debated whether foldable screen smartphones will be a revolution that will change the industry or a short-term enthusiasm, another major player is entering this area. According to a South Korean report published today, Xiaomi is working on a smartphone that can fold vertically.

2019 was the year when the first foldable smartphones were released. Although China-based Rouyu Technology made the first move in this field with its FlexiPai phone, Samsung was the first company to introduce its first foldable phone from global manufacturers. Huawei and Motorola followed it.

However, Motorola’s device called RAZR was separated from both Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold in that it has a form that can be folded vertically. This year, Samsung released another smartphone called Galaxy Z Flip with the same approach. Now, another giant brand is getting ready to join this trend.

Xiaomi may be developing a smartphone that can be folded like a Motorola RAZR

Xiaomi meets with Samsung for Foldable Phone Screens

According to the news of a publication named ZNet Korea, Chinese technology giant Xiaomi is working on a smartphone that can fold vertically. In the same news, it is stated that Xiaomi wants a flexible OLED screen from Samsung Display for the model in question. It is also stated that Samsung is not the only supplier, while the Chinese brand is claimed to be able to use some foldable OLED displays produced by LG.

Foldable panels of Chinese BOE, one of the world’s largest LCD, OLED and flexible display manufacturers, are slightly lower quality than those produced by Samsung Display. For this reason, Xiaomi, who went to Samsung Display for the first time, wants to make an assertive entrance to this segment where the competition has not reached the peak yet.

Can use Samsung Display’s flexible OLED displays on Xiaomi’s foldable phone

According to the news, Xiaomi will begin mass production of its foldable smartphone like RAZR or Galaxy Z Flip in the second half of 2020. There is no details about pricing or release date for now. Below the concept designs you see above, there is the signature of Waqar Khan.

On the other hand, there is no consistent information to confirm that Xiaomi will truly introduce a foldable smartphone this year. The fact that the coronavirus epidemic that has swept the entire world has lowered its smartphone sales may push companies to take less risk than ever. Therefore, such a move from the Chinese brand in the short term is considered to be a low probability.

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