Young, wealthy, who bangs his bitcoin wallet

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Young, wealthy, who bangs his bitcoin wallet

In 2013, the ESPN channel broadcast a bitcoin wallet with a QR code that lifted the young person, the wallet continued to receive Bitcoin in the years continued and almost became a fortune.

In November 2013, a college student unveiled a large banner with a Bitcoin logo and a QR code on a Bitcoin wallet on a college football show, shot every week on a different university campus and broadcast on ESPN.

The banner appeared on ESPN for a while. The banner, which spread rapidly among the Bitcoin community, enabled the young man to have a fortune.


Young, wealthy, who bangs his bitcoin wallet

Young, wealthy, who bangs his bitcoin wallet



Probably an opportunity to turn it into a giant promotional movement, the Bitcoin community quickly sent over 22 Bitcoin to 100 transactions in the wallet, the address of which is 1HiMoMgBaAikFHgAt3M4YJtetp4HrnsiXu. At that time, Bitcoin was trading for $ 1100.

BTCs, which were then sent to the wallet, were not limited to 22. Today, 44 Bitcoins seem to have been transferred to the wallet which continues to receive BTC in the following days and weeks.

44 The value of Bitcoin today is about 400,000 dollars. When the price rose to $ 20,000, the amount in the wallet exceeded $ 800,000.

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